Psych-illogical, Senseless, and Inhumane. STOP WARS now!

Written by: Dr. Gloria Lee, Registered Psychologist

War is one of the most psych-illogical acts that humans engage in. History shows that most wars are started by men with power and wealth, who are seeking more of both through conquest.

However, these power mongers can’t really say they are starting a war because they want more dominance and fortune, so they guise it in more noble terms to justify such ruthless acts. Wars have been referred as “crusades”, “liberating”, “annexing”, or more recently, “special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify the Ukraine”. Really?

It’s mind boggling to know that these tyrants have often risen to the top through oppression, control, and lies. And their continued dominance is sustained by fear and threats. Over time, most subjects submit to them only out of fear, not loyalty.

The most senseless part of war is the sheer disregard for human life. There is zero logic in blowing up children and ordinary folks like me and you. None. I can never make sense of it.

But here’s the silver lining. With today’s internet access, we can know in real time exactly what is happening halfway around the world. We can be together with the people of Ukraine in prayer and spirit through our common humanity.

We can also do something else. As helpless and removed as we may feel living in the West away from the devastation of war in the Ukraine, we can donate money INSTANTLY through the internet so our Ukrainian neighbours can receive the necessities of life TODAY.  

Below are links to organizations that are on the frontline helping over 3 million refugees who are fleeing from the war in Ukraine. The last link takes you to a site that sells the shirt on the photo above. Each shirt sold provides a meal kit for a refugee.

If you feel led, please do the little bit that you can. EACH DOLLAR COUNTS AND EACH DAY COUNTS. Let’s help today and may our collective effort help to STOP WARS now!

Resources for Ukraine: 

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