The Biggest Mistake that Clients Make

After 20+ years of seeing clients, I’ve come to recognize the biggest and most common mistake that clients make. They want a quick fix to their problem and feel better right away. In other words, they want the band-aid approach to counselling.

Understandably so, as none of us want to experience pain and suffering. This is why we come to counselling. However, to think that a quick fix will produce long-term deep change is not realistic nor effective.

Take for example when you go to the doctor because you are not feeling well. You may report having a runny nose, congestion, aches, coughing, and tiredness. The doctor will ask you a bunch of questions before he or she can correctly diagnose you with a cold, allergies, or flu. Then your doctor can prescribe the proper treatment.

Likewise, therapy is similar. Clients initially describe their symptoms to their therapist, providing details such as how and when it started, what they’re feeling, and when it feels worse. After the therapist carefully listens to and understands the issues fully, he or she can recommend the best course of treatment and address the root cause(s), rather than just treat the symptoms.

This process takes time, and wanting a quick fix may lead to the wrong diagnosis, thus, the wrong treatment. Thus, allow yourself to be patient with the process and trust that over time, you will get to the root of the problem and create deep and meaningful change. This change in turn will produce a sense of unwavering peace and joy within.

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