The Impact of Neglect on Your Adult Relationships

How Childhood Emotional Neglect Influences Adult Attachment Styles Were you abused in childhood and don’t even know it? Most of us are aware of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even verbal abuse. But the most “neglected” type of abuse is emotional neglect. It is defined as a relationship pattern in

How To Recover from Psychological Trauma

Written By: Dr. Michael Mandrusiak, Registered Psychologist How do you know if you’ve experienced psychological trauma?  What exactly is it?  The word “trauma” has been tossed around somewhat casually by the general population as an expression of feeling scared or startled (e.g., “OMG, you totally traumatized me”), or having a

Psych-illogical, Senseless, and Inhumane. STOP WARS now!

Written by: Dr. Gloria Lee, Registered Psychologist War is one of the most psych-illogical acts that humans engage in. History shows that most wars are started by men with power and wealth, who are seeking more of both through conquest. However, these power mongers can’t really say they are starting