Marriage & Romantic Partnerships

How Couple Therapy Helps to “Fix” Your Communication Issues

Most of my couples come to me citing “communication issues”. This means a variety of things: when we talk, we either fight or I don’t feel understood; I feel like we’re on a completely different page; I don’t even know HOW to talk to my partner anymore; I feel so distant

How to Instantly Love Your Partner Better

Many couples come to counselling telling me how their partner doesn’t “get” them and how they don’t feel loved by their partner. Here’s a typical scenario, husband exclaims, “I buy her everything her heart desires, I work hard for the family, why does she always complain that it’s not enough?”

Top 3 Ways to Prevent a Fight With Your Partner

Are you tired of the endless cycle of fights between you and your partner where you end up feeling angry, deflated, and hopeless? Do you wish you could just stop fighting? Here are three easy ways to quickly defuse a situation before it escalates into a fight. 1. Listen to