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Our team of dedicated registered psychologists and clinical counsellors is dedicated to help you experience a transformed life. Personalized and compassionate care are at the core of Brentwood Counselling Centre’s mission to transform lives. Our goal is to empower individuals on their unique journey towards mental and emotional fitness, and relational health. Taking a transformative approach to counselling and psychology services, our team offers a comprehensive range of services.
Whether you’re seeking tools to navigate stress and find resilience, aiming to forge deeper and more meaningful connections, striving to break free from patterns of addiction or self-doubt, or longing to overcome anxiety and depression, we are here to guide you with unwavering support. Your growth is our priority, and we’re committed to crafting enduring positive changes that will enrich your life.

Dedicated Team

Dr. Gloria Lee

Dr. Michael Mandrusiak

Nicole Che

Gary Hayre

Albert Kwok

Leah (Yaxun) Liu