T: 604.800.9010
T: 604.800.9010

Isabel Bleim

Registered Clinical Counsellor #17940
Canadian Certified Counsellor #10007696

Isabel holds a Master of Counselling Psychology degree. She works with individuals (15 years and older), couples, and families. Her areas of interest include depression, anxiety, shame, self-harm, addictions, trauma, relationships, parenting, and forgiveness. To watch her documentary on the meaning of forgiveness, click here

Her experience includes conducting group therapy at a residential treatment centre, as well as facilitating psychoeducation for single parents and couples transitioning into parenthood. As a social justice advocate, Isabel is committed to championing for fair and equitable treatment of marginalized populations and eradicating systemic bias.   

Isabel builds a strong working alliance with clients where they feel understood and accepted. She is a compassionatewitness who helps clients reframe and reintegrate issues where they feel stuck. To anchor and enhance gains made in session, Isabel provides resources and strategies to apply outside of counselling.

Whether you’re dealing with a crisis, or have a long-standing issue with substance use, depression, anxiety, or self-harm, Isabel is dedicated to support you. She imparts effective coping and communication skills. You will learn to connect with your inner strength and restore harmony within yourself and your relationships.

Isabel has diverse training in various evidence-based modalities. Depending on her client’s unique needs and presenting issues, she draws from approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), trauma-informed somatic therapies, the Bader-Pearson developmental model of couple therapy, the Gottman method of couple therapy, emotional focused couple therapy (EFT), and family systems theory.

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