5 Ways to Stay Sane at Home During the Pandemic

5 Ways to Stay Sane at Home During the Pandemic As we enter into our fourth month of social distancing and staying at home, we are forced to find a new normal in our life. Although we may be physically safe at home, some of us are starting to feel stir crazy. Most of our […]

How to Instantly Love Your Partner Better

Many couples come to counselling telling me how their partner doesn’t “get” them and how they don’t feel loved by their partner. Here’s a typical scenario, husband exclaims, “I buy her everything her heart desires, I work hard for the family, why does she always complain that it’s not enough?” And the wife replies, “You’re […]

The Biggest Mistake that Clients Make

After 20+ years of seeing clients, I’ve come to recognize the biggest and most common mistake that clients make. They want a quick fix to their problem and feel better right away. In other words, they want the band-aid approach to counselling. Understandably so, as none of us want to experience pain and suffering. This […]

10 Reasons Why People Stay Stuck in Depression

Why do people stay stuck in depression? Are there certain things that we do to perpetuate bad feelings, or do we have no control over our depression? Research shows that people typically do certain things to maintain their depression. Here are 10 ways how. Everything is either black or white, good or bad, all or […]

Top 3 Ways to Prevent a Fight With Your Partner

Are you tired of the endless cycle of fights between you and your partner where you end up feeling angry, deflated, and hopeless? Do you wish you could just stop fighting? Here are three easy ways to quickly defuse a situation before it escalates into a fight. 1. Listen to Your PartnerThis is easier said […]