Overcoming Your Negative Thoughts in Relationships

Written By: Dr. Gloria Lee, Registered Psychologist Do your negative thoughts create self-fulfilling prophecies in your relationship? Do you often think of the worst-case scenario that causes unnecessary worry? You are not alone in this. The human brain is designed to look out for danger and protect itself. Negative thinking is our default setting. Because […]

How to Feel Good about Making Decisions!

Written by: Dr. Nardeen Awadalla, PsyD, Doctoral Clinician When was the last time you made a decision? Did you feel good about it? Clicking on this article to read was a decision you just made. Why did you click the link? Why did you start reading? We make decisions all the time, some feel bigger […]

How to Choose the Right Therapist

Written By: Albert Kwok, MEd, Registered Clinical Counsellor Recently, I’ve had some new potential clients wanting to chat and see if we’d be a good fit for counselling. These conversations typically offer a chance for you to ask any questions about your potential counsellor’s experience, qualifications, and more importantly, to see if you feel safe […]